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About Us

Both of our co-founders grew up with construction backgrounds. One has 8 years experience as a high volume roofing project manager out of Arizona and the other has experience running several business including construction, software, and marketing automation. 

Together, they created King Roofing with a focus on customer experience and communication. By maintaining the highest quality of work and using the best roofing materials, not many companies can compete with King Roofing’s Workmanship and Material Warranties.

Together we have built a team of people with integrity who know how to put the customer first and get the job done.

Driven by Our Values

1- Proactive Communication

2- Personal Accountability

3- Do whatever it takes to make things right

4- Honesty to Our Customers and Team

5- We’ve Got Your Back

6- Greatness is Our Goal

If you notice any of our team falling short of our company core values, please let us know by text or phone so we can make things right. 


We also love to hear feedback when our team is living up to our core values, so please share those positive experiences as well!

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1- We proactively communicate

We believe in clear and frequent communication with our clients and team members. 

Being upfront about timelines, potential issues, and solutions ensures a smooth project from start to finish. 

We communicate if we will be late to an appt or late to a job BEFORE we are late. If we communicate AFTER we are late, we’ve already missed the mark.

2- We hold ourselves accountable

We own up to our mistakes and take immediate action to correct them. 

We view each mistake as an opportunity to learn and improve our processes for the future. 

Mistakes happen because we are human. Owning them makes us better.

3- We do whatever it takes to make things right

We go above and beyond to make things right for our customers when we do mess up, even when it’s at our own expense. 

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations in both quality and service.

4- We tell the truth to our teammates and our customers

We commit to being honest at all times, even when it reveals our weaknesses. 

Our commitment to the truth forms the basis of our long-term relationships with customers and team members.

5- We’ve got your back

We support each other and share responsibility.

If one of us makes a mistake, we all come together to fix it, reduce costs, and prevent further issues. Once everything is resolved, we identify ways to avoid repeating the mistake in the future.

We recognize that everyone makes mistakes, and we are committed to working through them as a team. This approach not only helps us learn and grow but also strengthens our bonds and improves our processes.

6- We strive for greatness

We commit to not only doing a good job, but a great job. 

We commit to a customer’s home and family to make their lives better and give them peace of mind. 

We commit to giving them a great experience through communication, quality work, and a positive attitude. 

Our Team

Tommy Smith

General Manager / Co-Founder

Trent Chapman

Operations Manager / Co-Founder

Martha Brown

Regional Manager

The BEST Warranties on Labor & Material in the Industry

Contact us today: Your roof might have storm damage!

*Your roof could be replaced through your insurance!

*Storm damage is determined through an inspection by an insurance assigned adjuster or engineer and depending on your policy coverage may not cover part or any of your damaged roof.